Journalism is a discipline of collecting, verifying, analyzing and presenting information gathered regarding current events, including trends, issues and people. Those who practice journalism are known as journalists. Photojournalism is a particular form of journalism (the collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or broadcast) that creates images in order to tell a news story. It is now usually understood to refer only to still images, and in some cases to video used in broadcast journalism. Photojournalism is distinguished from other close branches of photography.
If you love observing animals in their natural habitat and photography, why not combine your two passions and pursue a career as a wildlife photographer? After all, what could be better than getting paid to do something you love? Continue reading this guide for tips and information on how to become a wildlife photographer. If you've found yourself inspired by the amazing animal photographs in National Geographic and

Sports Journalism has as its main activity the reporting of sports events By producing images in order to tell the story. Quality sports shots are somewhat difficult to come by. Most people have limited access to events to photograph them. The further away you are from the event, the harder it becomes to capture the event in a pleasing manner. You can only photograph things you can see. The closer you are to someone, the better you can see them, sports are no different. You have to get as close to what you are shooting, as you can. Typically, for a photographer with a press pass, you can get to the sidelines or other similar locations. You generally will not be permitted on the playing field. For instance, at most football football games, the media cannot shoot between

the two 35 yard markers. For most people, the situation is even worse. You probably don’t have press access and are stuck in the stands for your shots. Get as close a possible. Even if you make it to the sidelines, you will be jostling for space with many other photographers, both still and video who have worked hard to get there and have the same job to do that you have.

Thanks to the fashion-conscious society we live in, you can be a fashion photographer wherever you live. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to live in Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco to earn a good living as a fashion photographer. As long as you live in a city where there are fashion designers, boutiques, retailers and manufacturers, you can live your dream! A fashion photographer is always in demand because there will always be clothes to market. To succeed, he or she must make sure that he or she possesses the technical and artistic skills to ensure a professional ambience in which the team works well together. In short, a fashion photographer is a skilled photographer who possesses the technical and artistic skills needed in creating valuable pictures of clothing by using photographic equipments. There are several career
paths in this field that you can choose based on your strengths and interests. You’re not restricted to working for a fashion magazine or opening your own studio, if that's not your interest.

The tactics of the paparazzi center on this principle: Get a shot by any means necessary. The individual paparazzo is only limited by his or her resources, craftiness and nerve. Technically speaking, in order to get the photo free and clear, the paparazzo must get the star out in public, away from a private residence or business. If the star is in a private area, the photo must be taken discreetly from a distance and with the photographer standing on public land.

A portrait is defined as a likeness of a person, especially of the person’s face. Simply that. But, the word in general use has deeper connotations. A photographic portrait is understood to be a good quality image that not only captures a person’s physical likeness on film, but also something of the person’s character, generally in a manner that is attractive and pleasing to the subject.